How does it work?

Every month members have the chance of winning a cash prize by taking out a subscription of £5 per month. There is also an annual Super Draw for qualifying members.
Each month, 50% of the total monthly subscriptions are distributed as prize money and 50% goes to the Great Witchingham Village Hall.


Who is it for?

The object of the Great Witchingham Village Hall 100 Club is to raise funds to maintain and develop facilities for the village hall as a resource for the community.

The Great Witchingham Village Hall 100 Club is a private lottery and is open to all Residents from Great Witchingham (Lenwade) Village and the surrounding area, their families and friends. The Great Witchingham Village Hall Trustees and the Co-ordinators of the 100 Club are not eligible to participate.


How do I buy tickets?

Complete an application form (which has all the details that you need on it) and return it to the promoters.

An annual ticket will cost £60 (equivalent to £5 per month) and will be entered into the monthly draw. The fee for each number will be paid annually, or half-yearly, in advance and is not refundable. Each number is deemed to have been reserved for one year from the first draw it is entered in and they are not transferrable.

The member must have paid their fee covering the respective monthly draw to be able to participate. Payment can be made in cash, by standing order or by cheque (made payable to ‘Gt Witchingham Village Hall 100 Club’). Individuals can join at any time during the year by paying the remaining annual fee.

To qualify for the annual Super Draw, which is held in December, ticket holders must have held their number for the full calendar year.

There are no restrictions in the quantity of numbers purchased by applicants, but applicants must be over 16 years of age to participate. The sequential numbers are issued on a first come, first served basis and are only available by application to the promoters of the lottery.


How do the prizes get calculated?

Each number purchased will be entered into the monthly draw – a member is eligible for inclusion in the draw so long as the subscription for that month has been paid. When a number is drawn out it will be eliminated from any remaining draws within that month. December winners are still eligible for the annual Super Draw if they qualify to participate.

Of the total subscription, 50% will be distributed as prizes and 50% will be paid into Village Hall funds. Prizes may vary and are dependent on the total subscriptions. The prize fund awarded will always be rounded down to the nearest whole pound.


Monthly Prize:

The 50% prize fund is allocated as a percentage of the entry monies paid:

1st Prize      –   25% of the total monthly contributions
2nd Prize    –   15% of the total monthly contributions

Each month, the remaining 10% of the total monthly prize fund will be held over and added to the yearly super draw fund.

For example, if there are 50 members paying £5 each for the month the Village Hall will receive £125, the 1st Prize winner will win £62 and the 2nd Prize winner will receive £37. £25 will be added to the Super Draw prize money. 


The Super Draw:

Only qualifying members will be eligible to participate in the super draw. The super draw will have two prizes with 60% awarded for the first prize and 40% for the second prize.

For example, if £25 has been added to the Super Draw each month the total fund would be £300. The 1st Prize winner would win £180 and the 2nd Prize winner will receive £120. 


How will numbers get drawn and circulated?

There will be a monthly prize draw which will take place on the last Wednesday of each month. Draws will be carried out using and drawn by a 100 club co-ordinator. Winnings are paid by cheque made payable to the holder of the number.

Winning numbers, and the holder’s name, will be displayed on the Village Hall website and submitted for publication in the Wensum Diary.

Every reasonable endeavour will be made to contact winners but after 12 months any unclaimed prizes will be donated to Village Hall funds.


Who is over-seeing the club?

The ‘100 Club’ is operated under The Gambling Act, 2005, in accordance with the rules for a Small Scale Lottery. Broadland District Council Registration No: BDC/321

The 100 Club is run by the co-ordinators, Rowan & Peta Banks, under supervision from the Great Witchingham Village Hall Trustees.

Rules may be amended as agreed by the Great Witchingham Village Hall Trustees and their decision will be binding on all parties in case of any dispute.

 Published June 2014

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